Zoo Island - Pet Rescue v1.2.1.1
Required: BB10 Smartphone OS 10.0.0 or higher
Overview: Create and design your very own animal kingdom.
Take a look around your magical sky islands: We have Wildlife, Safari, Seaworld and Exotic Animals waiting to meet you.

* More than 40 new animals and habitats to care for!
* Take CARE and fall in love with all adorable ANIMALS!
* Complete TASKS to earn REWARDS!
* DAILY FREE GIFTS to send to your friends & family!
* DECORATE your zoo with restaurants,shops and flowers.
* VISIT your neighbors and leave them special GIFTS!
* EXPAND your tiny zoo into the most amazing looking sky habitats.

More than 40 new animals and habitats to care for!.. Lets have a sneak preview of what awaits us:
-polar bear
-panda bear
-toucan birds
-fawn (deer)
-colourful fishes in aquarium tank
-cute labrador puppies)

The Story:
Parents brought their kids from all over the world to see the cute and adorable baby animals in Zoo Island. The ugly witch from zoggy village hated it . She wanted to be the best and plotted with her workers to destroy the famous island.
One summers evening when everyone was fast asleep the nasty witch come to snatch all the zoo babies in cages and destroyed everything.

They flew away into darkness, nobody knows where to, but one lioness manage to snatch one treasure map and hid behind a huge rock and waited for the zoo keepers come rescue her.
The zookeeper's rescue the lioness. The zoo keepers, and animal parents all help to look for more treasure maps in order to find the missing babies.
Lets start to build habitats so that the animals will feel welcome when we rescued them from the nasty witch.

Complete tasks to attract and to encourage more people to come visit your zoo

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