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Thread: Garmin Greek Anavasi 5.39 IMG & MapSource

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    For Mobile Garmin Greek Anavasi 5.39 IMG & MapSource

    Greek road/topo map with full coverage of Greece routable but without road index, latest version of Anavasi is 5.39.

    The Greek cartographic and map creation software

    TopoNavigator5 is a cartographic and automated map compotition software for Greece, developed by AnavDigit. Whilst it maintains the functionality of an open GIS environment, TopoNavigator5 tranfers and displays the AnaDigit geodatabase, including full vector topographic and cartographic information, and provides tools for automatic routing, recording, creating and editing points, lines and polygons, importing and exporting all common formats files, searching some 150K of POIs etc.

    TopoNavigator5 is available in the versatile HOME version and the much powerfull PRO version, and offers:

    Easy-to-use interfaces for desktop PCs, Ultra Mobile PCs and Touch Screens.

    World coverage (WGS84) with detailed mapping for Greece (both WGS84 and GGRS87)

    HOME: Loads world coverage satelite images.
    PRO: Moreover, loads hi-res aerial photos for Greece

    Road, physical and satelite basemaps .

    Automated map composition with 20 thematic layers.

    Detailed vector data for Greece, including contour lines (interval HOME:100m,
    PRO:20m), comprehensive road and trail network available, from urban roads to 4X4-accessed unpaved roads, and 10.000 km of footpaths, hydrography, land cover, and much more.

    HOME: Imports GPX, KML, Garmin and Magellan formats.
    PRO: Moreover, imports shapefiles, CAD files, geo-imagesComplete toolbox for the creation and editing of waypoints, tracks, routes and polygons.

    Connection with NMEA GPS and unlimited waypoint and track recording

    Export of georeferenced image s for GIS, OziExplorer, PathAway

    Advanced routing on roads and paths Advanced search engine, sets destination based on 150.000 POIs

    Multiple destinations with route optimization

    Route calculation based on vehicle type: Fastest or sortest route, SUV, 4x4, Extreme 4X4, Hiker

    HOME: Prints up to A3 paper size
    PRO: Exports 100Mb image files and prints up to A0 paper size.

    Creates and uploads routable maps to all Garmin GPS models. Uploads and downloads data waypoints, tracks, routes to all Garmin & Magellan GPS. Builds and sends custom maps to Garmin units, including user data.

    Every month, changes and additions are offered for free to TopoNavigator5 users through Secured URL. Users download the upgrade and re-build maps for Garmin GPS.>

    Download IMG:

    Secured URL

    Download MapSource:

    Secured URL

    Available TYP:

    Anavasi 5.2.7 & later 25-09-11 OnTheTrail II - Nuvi / 37XX

    Secured URL

    Anavasi 5.2.7 & later 17-09-11 OnTheTrail II - Nuvi / 37XX

    Secured URL

    Anavasi 5.2.7 & later 16-09-11 OnTheTrail I

    Secured URL

    Anavasi 5.2.7 & later 10-09-11 37XX / Nuvi

    Secured URL

    Pass: Ellinas

    Enjoy !!!
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