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Thread: [Agate Studio] Smash Mania 1.0.0 MeeGo-Retail-Kuzmichov

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    New [Agate Studio] Smash Mania 1.0.0 MeeGo-Retail-Kuzmichov

    Smash Mania is a mobile game that enables you to play badminton everywhere. You don't need any badminton field, racket, or even shuttle cock.
    With the accelerometer feature, your phone now has becoming a badminton racket that you can use to hit the shuttle cock and attack your opponent.
    Challenge your friend with the NFC and bluetooth-based multiplayer feature that equipped in the game. You can also practice by playing the single player mode.

    20111203002306.jpg 20111203002340.jpg

    This game is provided to you solely for informational purposes only. If you respect the work of programmers and want to contribute to the emergence of new applications, pay for the game in the store.

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