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Thread: New Toysoft Apps from Appworld 2011

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    Default New Toysoft Apps from Appworld 2011

    Hi admin, Moderators and All member in Ipmart. i want to share File toysoft 2011 from appworld.

    List application from toysoft 2011 :

    Application List (Total 60 Application)
    ================================================== ==
    AlertsSound v1.0
    AnimClock v1.0.2
    AppCLock 1.0.4
    AutoResize v1.0
    AutoWifi v1.0
    BatteryIcon v1.0.2
    BatteryInfo v 1.0.2
    bbPeriodicTable v1.0.2
    Bquite v1.1.3
    Buzz Off v2.2.2
    CalenderIcon v1.1
    CallTools v3.0.4
    CoolSounds v1.0
    CustomIcons v1.0
    DipCals v1.0.2
    FakeCall2 v2.0.2
    IamBusy v1.0
    IamHere v1.0.2
    IconManager v1.2
    ImgEdit v2.0
    ImgLite v1.0.2
    Kids ABC 1.0.1
    KidsMath 1.0
    KoolSounds v2.0.3
    Lucky7Slot v1.0.3
    MagicIcon v2.0.2
    MegaAlarm v1.1.1
    MegaFarts v1.0
    MegaHorn v1.0.3
    MyCallLogs v3.1.3
    MyMBI v1.0
    MyMissedCall v1.0.1
    MyProfile v1.0.4
    MyRingtones v1.0
    NotNow v2.0.3
    OffAlready v1.0
    PhoneCallNotes v1.0.1
    PhOneMate v1.0
    Piclink v1.0.2
    PictureDial v3.0.2
    PictureDial2 v2
    PictureId v3.1.1
    PictureTimeStamp v1.0.4
    ProfilerPro v1.1
    ProfilerX v1.0.4
    RandomTones v2.0.1
    RayOfLight v1.0.1
    RunningIcon v1.0.1
    SeaBattle v1.0.7
    SeaBattleSE v1.0.2
    SecureX v1.0
    SendIt v1.0.3
    ShortcutManager v1.0.6
    StockIcon v1.0
    SuperPower v1.2.4
    TargetDate v1.2
    TipCalc v1.0.2
    USCapitals v1.0.1
    VoiceMemo v1.0.2

    The application Have a keycode. So, please request Here ...

    Link Download From appworld : Secured URL
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