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Thread: Nuance T9 Nav™ v2.50 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed {Find Anything On Ur Phone Instantly}

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    New Nuance T9 Nav™ v2.50 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed {Find Anything On Ur Phone Instantly}

    With T9 Nav™, you can find anything on your phone instantly.

    Music, pics, games, websites, calendar entries, phone functions, contacts - just type in what you’re looking for and this ingenious application will find it super-fast.

    For example: Press '3' and T9 Nav™ will retrieve things that start with '3', 'd', 'e' or 'f'.

    The more content you've got on your phone, the more you’ll love T9 Nav™. In fact, it could be the best download you find this year.


    - Want to find a song quickly?
    Type the artist name or song title, and you’ll soon find the track you want.

    - Forgotten where to find that useful application?
    Wherever it is stored, T9 Nav will find it in moments.

    - Need to call or text your best friend fast?
    Get their number quickly without looking through hundreds of contacts.

    - Want a shortcut to useful sites on the mobile web?
    Type the keyword for what you want to find and select one of the public bookmarks prepared for you by T9 Nav™.

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