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Thread: Melon Advanced Device Locks V1.12(171) CRAC-KED BY N0ePDA

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    New Melon Advanced Device Locks V1.12(171) CRAC-KED BY N0ePDA

    Melon Advanced Device Locks V1.12(171) CRAC-KED BY N0ePDA

    Secure your phone!
    Do you need to protect important information and personal data on your phone? Do you need to restrict the access to certain applications? Do you need to stay confident that your phone applications will not be accessible even if the phone is stolen?

    Advanced Device Locks (ADL) allows you to lock your phone or selected applications (such as Messages, Pictures, Contacts, Video, etc.) to prevent them from unsolicited access. With ADL, you can secure your phone by locking it up with a secret code and stay confident that your phone will not be accessed by others even if it is lost or stolen.

    Automatic Phone Lock

    Advanced Device Locks can be configured to automatically lock your phone based on one or a number of the following rules:

    * Always - each time the phone is turned on
    * When SIM Changed - if the SIM card of the phone has been changed
    * Automatic lock - after a specified period of inactivity
    * Protect applications - if someone tries to access the protected applications

    Full Phone Lock or Application Locks

    With Advanced Device Locks you have the convenient option to choose whether to lock the phone itself, to lock selected applications or to combine these two options and lock both the phone and the applications on it.

    This option allows you to choose your own level of security – from full phone lock to protection of selected secret and sensitive applications.

    Default Lock Code

    The application will ask you for a default lock code, which is 0000. You are strongly recommended to change it with a new code of your own. You can do this from the "Code" menu. Please type the default code in the "Old code" field.
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