* 50 First Aid Measures
* modern interface, optimized for 320 x 240 displays
* all emergency numbers worldwide
* requires 523 KByte of memory
* illustrations by Med4Teens
* easy to install + for free!
**NEW** Now our first aid kit will speak if you push "Play" within the software.

Audio version:
* Extra Audio for First Aid Measures
* Speaker: Kai Kajus Noack
* Requirement : Mobile phone with loudspeakers
* Requires 7.56 MB of memory

Why is first aid on your mobile phone useful?

# You have never participated in a first aid course.
If you have not attended a first aid course yet, this mobile software can perhaps arouse your interest. It is a good feeling to know how one has to act in a medical emergency. However, the software is neither a replacement for a first aid course nor should you rely on a software in an emergency situation! Please improve your medical abilities visiting a course as soon as possible.

# Your first aid course took place a long time ago.
In my opinion the following case applies for a lot of people: Got the driving licence in a young age, and passed a first aid course that time. Afterwards you have never heard of first aid measures again… The software can help to refresh your memory again.

# You feel uncertain concerning first aid measures.
The first aid software is no replacement for a first aid course, but if you read about the measures to be done it might give you a little more self-confidence.

Compatibility: S60 3rd Edition, S60 5th Edition, on all other java-enabled.

Note: Also attached is the Flashlite version of First Aid v1.2 which is without audio.