Recording calls and voice conversation without warning beep sound automatically or manually. This application will let you record a phone call or a voice conversation anytime by simply pressing hotkeys. Phone calls can also be recorded automatically or manually based on your choice. You can record arbitrarily long memo or conversations. The application will prompt your for low memory size to avoid abrupt recording stop during important phone call or conversation.


* Dictaphone: Record your meetings or important conversation by pressing simple key combination
* You can choose to have the beep on or off for call recording.
* Support recording in both AMR and WAV formats
* Support recording to phone memory or directly to memory card.
* Automatic or manual recording based on your choice
* Password protected, Operates in hidden mode
* Configurable storage locations (Phone Memory or Memory card)
* Automatic startup upon phone power on.
* Low storage space notification to avoid abrupt stop of important recording
* Send the recorded clips to other phones or PC via Bluetooth
* Easy to retrieve the recorded voice clips using Nokia PC suite

NOTE: Guys don't just download. To help other members please make sure to post atleast one comment detailing your phone model and working/not working status of the application. Thanks.