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Thread: IWN Iran Routable Map v2.3.5 for Garmin Mobile XT

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    Default IWM Iran Routable Map v2.3.5 for Garmin Mobile XT

    IWM Iran Routable Map v2.3.5
    Requirements: Windows MobileŽ, PalmŽ and SymbianŽ devices with GARMIN mobile XT and Garmin PNA's
    Overview: Tehran & Iran Roads Routable Map for Garmin

    This is the most detailed routeable map of Iran available for Garmin GPS devices.

    GPS Map of Iran includes:

    * Tehran complete street map
    * Cinemas
    * Hospitals
    * Fuel
    * Food Restaurants
    * Shopping Centers
    * Bank / ATM
    * Hotels
    * Parks
    * Airports
    * Post Offices

    + Iran complete road map

    [code]File: GMAPSUPP.img, length 16791552
    Header: 04.08.2009 12:39:35, DSKIMG, xor 00h
    Mapset: IWM Iran Routable Map 2.3.5 Unlocked By farshid

    Map length s-f CP prio PID FID name
    00012350 MPC 16764102 5 1256 25 4712350 IRAN ROUTABLE MAP 2.3.5
    SENDMAP2 MPS 200 1

    Data MPS
    V: IWM Iran Routable Map 2.3.5 Unlocked By Farshid
    F: PID 1, FID 800,[/code]
    Release Date: 03/08/2009


    v2.3.5 Pro:
    Tabriz, Gorgran , Ardebil base map has been added
    50% of Tehran and 100% of Tabriz, Ghom, Shiraz, Gorgan. Ardebil has second Farsi Label

    v2.3.1 Pro:
    Ghom and Kish Island
    800 Km West roads
    16000 Farsi Label for Search
    Rey and Tehran has been dedicated in this version

    v2.2.9 Pro:
    Semnan complete map and Shiraz base map has been added to this version.
    better accuracy in 1000 Km of roads

    v2.2.8 Pro:
    Street Search for Karaj, Tehran and Hamedan is active

    v2.2.6 Pro:
    Karaj Map has been added.

    v2.2.4 Pro:
    Is not published to net for technical Problem

    v2.2.2 Pro:
    70% of Karaj city is added to site
    Tehran Karaj roures has been fixed
    Yadegar Emam Enterance and Exits has been fixed
    90% of "Q" in names has been changed to "GH"

    v2.2.0 Pro:
    Dizin Ski Area information has been added to map.
    About 800 Km roads around Meshad modified.
    About 1500 Mosques information is added to map.

    More Info:
    [code] 50242e9baf0301d0bdcb6
    Secured URL

    Unlocked but if needed use this MapID: 800

    Credits to Farshid
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