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VibrateCall - know exactly when the phone is answered!

Usual Way of making a call:

- Dial the number
- Place the phone to your ear to wait for person on the other line to answer.
- Talk when connected

With VibrateCall:

- Dial the number, hold phone on your hand.
- Phone will vibrate awaiting for person on the other line to pick up.
- Phone stop vibrating when call is connected.
- Place phone to ear to talk.

Why use VibrateCall?

- Safer : "Radiation emission by a mobile phone when a call is connected is found to be as much as 20 times the level during a call"
- Easier : You don't need to stick your phone to your ear when calling somebody, just hold the phone in your hand, you will know exactly when the call is answered.

How it works:

- When you are making the call, you mobile phone will keep vibrating. After the call is answered (or after a time-out), it stops vibrating. To make it easy for drivers, you can also dial a call with the loudspeaker on!


- You will put your phone near your ear only after it is answered, which protects you from the high radiation emission when a call is connecting.
- It also helps in the noisy environment, just hold the phone with your hand and wait until it stops vibrating..