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Thread: De-branding, change languages, upgrade in pictures Step by Step

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    Default De-branding, change languages, upgrade in pictures Step by Step


    I've made this tutorial by pics for dummies

    1. Download latest NSU (Nokia Software Updater)
    Derect link to latest NSU:
    Secured URL

    or Step by step download:
    Secured URL

    2. Install NSU

    3. Download NSS (Nemesis Service Suite)

    It's attached

    or download it from here:
    Secured URL

    4. Install NSS (Hard part )

    Here click NO:

    Start the NSS and click Scan (1) after that go to Phone Info:

    • In the Phone Info bar click Scan (1) button. You'll see Phone version and IMEI
    • Click Read (2) to read product data.
    • In field (3) will see current Product Code. Change it with desire it one. Where to get Product Code? Request HERE.
    • Be sure you checked Enable (4).
    • Click Write (5) to save data to phone.
    • Restart the phone.

    Now you are ready to use NSU!
    Just start it and follow the instruction

    Hope it will help to all user
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