SmartMoto v1.18 & Smart-Clip firmware v2.23
Dear users,

We are pleased to announce a release of new version of SmartMoto v1.18 and update of Smart-Clip firmware v2.23

This update includes:

- New model V557 is added to supported list (unlock via testpoint);
- Enabled detect of the second flash chip for models V360, L7, V3i;
- Added repair PDS function for models V360, L7, V3i;
- Improved repair PDS procedure for V500 with 32 MB flash size;
- *.smf flash files for V360, L7, V3i are added to

Also, special version of SmartMoto v1.18 without IMEI features is available for download.

Please choose the version that is most suitable for your area to comply with local legislation.

Please note. Testpoint schematics are moved to SmartMoto section at Use the testpoint for your specific phone model and follow the step-by-step instruction strictly. Please note that with some models there is a single contact that should be grounded, others have two contacts that should be connected to each other

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Smart-Clip ON!

Best Regards